Analysis of convictions for pimping

As every year the Ministry of Justice publishes the statistics of convictions in 2011, based on the national criminal record file.

If this document is not always possible to identify convictions for trafficking or use of minors or vulnerable prostitutes, however it provides a compelling snapshot of convictions for pimping.

These can be analyzed in terms of 12 significant issues that have been compared with the overall numbers of convictions, and the results obtained in 2010.

1 - total convictions in 2011

Simply pandering: 194

Recall 2010: 250

All Convictions

Pimping: 220


In 2010: 628,052

Total: 414


In 2011: 603,994

The decline in the number of convictions for pimping continues but it is also to be related with the overall decline in convictions:

- 4% between 2010 and 2011

The decrease of 7% of convictions for pimping is notable however, mainly due to the lower number of convictions for mere pimping, less characteristic of the dominant reality of the current procurement increasingly characterized by networks and more complex to learn and judge.

2 - length of proceedings

In 2011

In 2010

All convictions in 2011

Simply pandering:

34.1 months

39.2 months

12.4 months


37.7 months

40.7 months


If we can note a trend towards shorter periods of education, duration of procedures pimping is on average more than 3 times higher than that of other crimes, which demonstrates the complexity of procedures requiring mostly procedures of international legal assistance.

3 - use of detention

In 2011

In 2010

All convictions in 2011

Procuring single: 27%



Pimping: 54%



Total procurement: 42%



No surprise that the use of pretrial detention, five times higher than for all crimes, given the risk of leakage and the risk of pressure in a common context of organized crime

4 - length of pretrial detention

In 2011

In 2010

All convictions in 2011

Simply pandering: 8.6 months

7.8 months

5 months

Pimping: 8.8 months

8.3 months


One can observe, first, that the term tends to increase but then it remains well below the duration of instructions which weakens the possibility of this accused on trial

5 - imprisonment

In 2011

In 2010

All convictions in 2011

Prison sentence: 93%



Farm prison sentence: 39%



Prison sentences are logically much higher than for all offenses (eg 95% penalty imposed on farms pimping).

6 - fine imposed

In 2011

In 2010

All convictions in 2011

Simply pandering:

€ 671

€ 3,119

€ 478


€ 9,556

€ 13,080


One can only wonder about the general decline of the fines imposed, the already extremely low in 2010 to look for example the average profit by pimp (€ 150,000 per year and prostitute)

7 - entry ban

In 2011

All convictions in 2011

Pronounced in 21% of cases

Pronounced in 0.5% of cases

This measure, taken 40 times more than for all crimes, reflects the international character of this litigation

8 - penalty of confiscation

In 2011

All convictions in 2011

Pronounced in 50% of cases

Delivered in 7% of cases


This measure is pronounced seven times for procuring is an encouraging awareness by the judges of the financial dimension of these files sign.

9 - alternative sanctions

In 2011

All convictions in 2011

Simply pandering: 5


Pimping: 0


Here we as judges have taken the measure of the inadequacy of alternative sentences for pimping where the chances of reintegration appear unlikely

10 - convicted sex

In 2011

In 2010

All convictions in 2011

Simply pandering:

- Men 71%

- Women 29%


Men 90%

Women 10%


Men 67%

Women 33%




Men 69%

Women 31%

Men 72%

Women 28%


A note on the one hand there three times more women convicted of pimping for the average number of crimes, which shows how the organization of networks known "use" of prostitutes for them to play the role of pimps, d secondly the worrying increase in the proportion of women in these convictions.

11 - Age of convicts

In 2011

In 2010

All convictions in 2011

80% are aged over 25 years



Obviously procuring demands greater than the average maturity of offenses, reflecting again the hand of organized crime requires experience.

12 - nationality of the convicted

In 2011

In 2010

All convictions in 2011

Simple procuring 43% of foreign



Pimping: 57% foreign



Total: 50% of foreign



This shows on the one hand the importance of procuring imported (always networks) and secondly the domination of foreign pimps when it comes to pimping.

Finally, note that the criminal convictions for 2011 mentions 0 for active solicitation.



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