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Nina, a young Nigerian, was 18 when she was approached by a “mama” (a Nigerian pimp) while she was working at the Benin-City market.

This person explains to her that her life would be better in France as she could study there to have a better future. She manages to win the trust of Nina and her mother who entrusts her to this benefactress. It was not until her arrival in Paris that the young woman discovered the real intentions of this crook: on her first night in the capital, Nina found herself on the sidewalks of the 18th arrondissement, lost, in tears, in the complete misunderstanding.

Before leaving Nigeria, to ensure her yoke on her victim and the reimbursement of her debt of passage, the pimp undertook a session of voodoo bewitchment. This session, called ju-ju, is an extremely powerful means of psychological pressure, combining ancestral beliefs and family loyalty, guaranteeing the hold of the “mama” over the young woman.

His ordeal will last for years. Client violence is a daily occurrence. She still has significant physical and psychological consequences today.

One day, despite the threats hanging over her and her family, she decides to run away from her pimp. Not speaking French at all, without papers, alone and on her own, for her survival she finds herself forced to continue selling her body. 5 years after her arrival in France, she was arrested by the mounted police of the Bois de Boulogne. Exhausted morally, physically she does not try to flee them. Understanding his situation, the  police encouraged him to contact our association. Determined to leave this hell for good, Nina immediately goes to the Association.   Quickly, we managed to find her a place in a home for young women in difficulty. We enroll him in French lessons. We help him with his administrative and medical procedures. In an illegal situation, we accompany him to apply for a residence permit, necessary to find a job.

Nina's complaint against her pimp was unfortunately never able to succeed for lack of being able to provide concrete information on the identity of her pimp, the "mamas" always acting under cover of a false identity. The latter could therefore never be stopped. This is why to date, unable to officially justify her status as a victim on French territory, Nina's application for a residence permit has been refused.

This young woman is now experiencing a deep psychological collapse following the trauma of her past: anxiety attacks, suicide attempts, internment in a psychiatric hospital, low self-esteem and low self-esteem... She finds it difficult to place her trust in others and to establish social relationships. Religion, however, allows him to hang on and try to evacuate his permanent fear of death, resulting from the influence of voodoo.

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