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Our legal department takes care ofrepresent victims during the trial against their pimpand supports all related aspects (constitution of the file, the search for pro-bono lawyers, the production of case reports, etc.).Damages awarded to us and recovered by us are used toto help victims of prostitution in their process of sheltering and reintegration(assistance with job search, medical care and administrative procedures).

Let carry the voice of the victims.

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"Il me disait que me prostituer nous permettrait d'être heureux..."
Sarah, 14 ans



The Action Teams Against Pimping (EACP), created in 1956, were recognized as being of public utility in March 1970. The aim of the association is to carry the voice of the victims of pimping,to accompany people wishing to get out of this system, and to change the mentalities on the commodification of the human body.

As such, the members of the association are divided into three poles:

​Legal Division

Our legal department takes care of ofrepresent victims during the trial against their pimp and takes charge of all the related aspects (creation of the file, search for pro-bono lawyers, production of case reports, etc.).

The damages awarded to us and which we manage to collect are used for help victims of prostitution in their process of sheltering and reintegration.

Our social center has the missionto help and support people, whether or not they have left pimping and human trafficking networks, with a view to their social reintegration. 

The social center provides physical reception 5 days a week as well as une permanence continuous telephone. 

​Social Center

Pole  Communication

Our communication department is responsible forcarry out prevention, inform the general public,ofraise awarness about procuring and trafficking in human beings, as well as  to make our action team known to the wider world.

Communication managessocial networks, the creation ofadvertising postersand flyersbut also thepress relations.  


Pimping is a scourge ofinternational dimension. It is estimated between20 and 40 millionthe total number of victims of the prostitution system in the world. Global prostitution would generate a turnover of approximately 100 billion euros, whose30 billion in Europe.

Our mission is to fight against this scourge.

Some numbers

According to the OCRTEH, approximately30,000at40,000people are prostitutedFrance

85% of prostitutes in France arewomen.

93% areforeign, mainly fromEastern Europe(Romania, Bulgaria),West Africa(Nigeria) andChina.

51%of the victims sufferedphysical violencein the context of prostitution.

64%  prostitutes are subjected toinsultsand/oracts of humiliation.

Thealmost allof prostitutes are under the constraint of apimpor atrafficking network.

​​minorsare also victims of prostitution. On251people who responded to this survey,10%state that they began to be prostituted when they were minors.


What is prostitution?

Definitions of prostitution today revolve around two major poles.

According to some, prostitution is a job like any other, an income-generating activity that can be freely chosen. For the others, on the other hand, prostitution constitutesthe ultimate form of violence against womenand form aeconomic and social operating system.

A place of recuperation, for financial purposes, of suppressed suffering, failures and inequalities of all kinds, prostitution has become agigantic organized system,an international industry of exploitation of women, men and children.



by donating or joining our team! 

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