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Sensibilisation auprès des clients

The EACP participate in the animation of awareness courses in partnership withACJUSE (Association of Socio-Educational Judicial Control) who, by agreement signed with the President and the Public Prosecutor at the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Fontainebleau, organizes monthlyawareness courses in the fight against the purchase of sexual acts in their premises, in Melun.  These courses are aimed at adults and take place over two days.

Since April 2016, the law penalizes the clients of prostitutes: a choice of legislators that is not unanimous.

And for good reason, several associations consider that this law has led to precariousness as well as an increase in violence against people who prostitute themselves.

The EACP lead two out of four modules:

  • Module 1: Intervention on the reality of prostitution and testimonies of a survivor survivor of prostitution and followed by the EACP.

  • Unit 2: Intervention of a doctor, sexologist or psychologist to approach the risks of diseases and to make a psychological point.

In the form ofinteractive debate, the floor is given above all to convicted clients.

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Overall, these courses provide encouraging results, most of the participants in this course express the will to repent and affirmrealizeof the reality of prostitution.

But it is not uncommon for some to stick to their guns and defend prostitution as a necessary evil.

NO Pimping.

EACP in schools

The Action Teams Against Pimping have set up since the end of 2015 aprevention and awareness campaignaimed at young people to inform them of the realities of prostitution:danger of pimping, excesses of cybersex…

These educational interventions are an opportunity for young people to ask concrete questions to a lawyer, a psychologist, and members of the EACP. This allows them to understand the reality of the world of prostitution and its dangers, beyond the prejudices they may have about those who claim to be sex workers.

Since 2016, the EACPs have also provided training for employees of large groups to raise awareness of the consequences of prostitution, pimping and human trafficking.

Some environments, such as hotels or construction, may regularly be faced with situations of paid sex, it is important that staff know what reflexes to adopt.

The EACP fight against misinformation that tends to trivialize prostitution through interviews and debates in different media. (Le Monde, Le Parisien, Elle, TF1, Europe 1, France-Inter, etc.).

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