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Introduction to EACPs

The Association Action Against Pimping Teams(EACP) was founded by Jean SCELLES in 1956 and it was in 1970 that it was recognized as a public utility by the government. Under the impetus of President Jean SCELLES, it was the initiator of afundamental law for the fight against pimping, the law n° 75-229 of April 9, 1975. Its action consists in carrying the voice of the victims by fighting directly against procuring by means of two essential missions, one legal, the other social.

Today, the Association is chaired by Elda CARLY. It has a team of 23 volunteer lawyers  as well as a social worker, psychologists, lawyers, etc.

To date, more than3,000 legal files were treated thanks to the action of these teams.

Official Journal of March 11, 1970

Law No. 75-229 of April 9, 1975: " Any association recognized as being of public utility having as its statutory object the fight against procuring and social action in favor of persons in danger of prostitution or persons engaged in prostitution with a view to helping them to give it up, may exercise the civil action before all jurisdictions where this action is admissible, with regard to the offenses of procuring provided for by the Penal Code as well as those relating directly or indirectly to procuring, which have caused direct or indirect damage to the mission that it fill ".

Our missions & our values

Our 3 missions and the values of the EACP

Our history

The origins of the Association

Our impact

Changes made by action teams

Our team

Discover our teams, our partner lawyers, etc.

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