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Social support

Our social intervention aimsto help andto accompanypersons who are prostitutes or in danger of prostitution, with a view to theirReintegration.

Our social intervention is based on two essential things:listeningandadministrative support.

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Physical reception &

  • We provide aphysical reception 5 days a week ;

  • as well as ahotlinecontinuously to collect calls for help from victims.

We are as present as possible to receive andreact quicklycalls for help from victims. 

Psychological support

  • We also allow them to have apsychological support, thanks to the action of ourvolunteer psychologists. 

The victims of this violence facesocial difficultiesandpsychological ailments; it is essential for us to mobilizeattention andlistening that should be given to them.

Tailor-made help

  • The needs are of coursedifferentfor each victim.

We must, therefore, respect their requests, their needs, as well as the capacities to implement apersonalized and effective follow-up.

Psychological support

We rely on several structures in order to allow the people we follow to benefit from psychological care if they wish.


Achieving social reintegration is a long-term task that spans, on average,two or three years. Our social action is based on two pillars:listening and trustin order to implement effective administrative support that meets the needs of victims.


Each victim has a story, and different needs. We work with them to identify their priority needs and establish a personalized action plan for their reintegration. Our efforts are currently slowed down by the pandemic. However, and despite the health challenges, we are doing everything we can to provide victims with personalized follow-up of their respective situations.

Migration route

We insist on the fact that it is necessary to take into account thedual specificityof these women who combine the problems related to theirmigratory routeandthose related to human trafficking. Their experience is sometimes extremely heavy (post-traumatic stress syndrome linked to the migration route, uprooting, loss of life, physical, sexual and psychological violence, abortion, forced prostitution, etc.), which makes them fragile.

This is not confined only to women from Nigerian networks, but in general to all “migrant prostitutes”.


The social pole must therefore emphasize, on the one hand, access to the law in terms ofhealthand, on the other hand, thereinforcement of psychological follow-up.


Our goal being to support them in their journey out of prostitution, we cannot let this situation get worse. Thus, a projectshelter for victims of pimpinghas been submitted to the Paris City Hall so that we can make apartments available to these women so that they can, first of all, be safe and then, secondly, that they obtain a pied à terre temporary time to find stable housing and recharge.

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