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It was at the age of 30 that Sonia fell into prostitution after being spotted by a wealthy businessman while she was employed in a Parisian luxury boutique.

The scenario repeats itself identically with other rich men. She sees herself showered with gifts, invited to luxury hotels and restaurants all over the world. When she wakes up an envelope is waiting for her on the bedside table, without however this aspect, she explains to us, having been agreed upon.

Sonia does not say she is motivated by money but by the affection she thought she would receive from her clients. She feels valued and emotionally invested. She naively thinks she sees love where there is only a commodification of her body. She prefers to define herself as a former luxury companion explaining that she chose how the evening ended.

Sonia is a woman who has felt a deep emotional lack since childhood. A childhood marked by incestuous sexual abuse that his own mother refused to hear. This attitude left Sonia with a real sense of abandonment and a chronic lack of self-esteem. Through this activity, Sonia thought of regaining her mother's affection by helping her financially, but it turned out to be a love once again paid for.

The customers follow one another and are more and more violent: they pay and therefore believe they have the right to dispose of their body freely. She finally realizes that all these men are abusing her weakness. Despite everything, she continues her escorting activity until the day when, in 2013, Sonia reaches the point of no return: she is kidnapped and beaten by her ex-spouse who has become her pimp.

She then contacted our Association. We have been following her since then in her administrative, legal and medical procedures. We are trying to provide this woman, prey to extreme social loneliness, with essential psychological support.

From her past, Sonia has kept very serious consequences: addiction to alcohol (several withdrawal cures undertaken), hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver (doctors estimate that she only has 2 years left to live), loneliness, depression , self-devaluation, etc.

Today, at 42 years old, Sonia still suffers from her former activity but finds great comfort in a new religious community that she has joined and which gives her self-confidence back.

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