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Pimping generates many moral and physical violence and we are one of the only associations to fight directly against this criminal activity.
To lead this fight, the EACP are looking for volunteers to strengthen their actions in:

  • the social (social workers, etc.) in order to help the victims in the process of reintegration

  • communication, in order to carry out various missions related to the promotion of the Association

  • the search for funds and subsidies (we are looking for volunteers with communication experience for a prospecting mission)

  • the legal field (lawyers, jurists in order to bring the voice of the victims before the courts)

  • the media

  • Web designers (to help us keep our web materials up to date)

  • Etc.

For Action Against Pimping Teams to work well, we need the regularity and loyalty of our volunteers and the certainty that each task entrusted to them will be carried out. To continue to act against the modern barbarism that is the sexual exploitation of human beings, we need you!

join us !

Fill out the form below to tell us about the area in which you would like to help us:

Thank you for what you sent !

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